Our Suppliers

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Ajinomoto USA, Inc.

Amino acids for food and flavor applications.

AVT McCormick

Bulk spices: Pepper (red, black and white), seed spices, turmeric, ginger, and cassia, processed and packaged to specification; specialists in steam sterilization. Vertically Integrated.

Basic Flavors, Inc.

Certified Non-GMO hydrolyzed vegetable proteins.

Butter Buds Food Ingredients

Concentrated dairy and specialty products, oil and water soluble.

Chaucer Foods

Croutons, toppings and clusters; freeze dried fruits and vegetables.


Pure maple syrup, concentrates and crystals.


Dehydrated French culinary herbs and infused oils.

Diana Naturals

Champignon Mushroom Extract

Fiberstar, Inc.

Citri-Fi® natural citrus fiber provides water holding, emulsification and texturizing to bakery, beverages, dairy, meats, frozen foods, sauces, meat substitutes, dairy alternatives and pet foods. Non-GMO Project Certified. Non-allergenic. Gluten-free. Plant-based. Labeling: citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp, citrus flour.

Garlic King

Garlic King Brand – frozen and fresh refrigerated – chopped, diced and puree – garlic, ginger and assorted peppers.

Healthy Food Ingredients

Supplier and processor of cereal grains, ancient grains, pulse and bean products, as well as flax and chia seed. Both whole grain and milled products available.

Jain Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.

Leading provider of Ready-To-Eat IQF and Reduced-Moisture Frozen Vegetables and Indian and Turkish Spices.

Louisiana Pepper Exchange

Pepper mash, pepper puree, industrial hot sauce, finished pepper sauces, co-packaging/white label services on pepper-based liquid products. 

McIlhenny, Co.

TABASCO® Brand Sauces and dry flavorings.

National Cortina

Importer of IQF fruits & vegetables, umami taste accelerator, organic collagen, and bone powder. Tomatoes from Italy and South America. Borges National – Leading producer of olive oil, as well as seed oils (grapeseed, sunflower, non-GMO canola).

OHLY Americas

Provesta® Brand, Ohly® Brand, Pro-Dry® natural yeast-based, fermentation products and natural flavor ingredients, specialty powders, and nutritional ingredients.

PGP International

Extruded pea, rice and soy ingredients. Pregelatinized and hydrolyzed rice flours. Rice flour blends.

POM Wonderful, LLC.

Liquid pomegranate extract concentrate is a highly concentrated, water extracted blend of polyphenol antioxidants derived from California pomegranates and Pomegranate juice concentrate.

Prinova Nagase Group

45+ years cultivating food and beverage excellence. Trusted ingredients, innovative flavors and solutions empowering global brands.

Red Mountain Trading Company

Importer of Mediterranean and Latin American flavors such as canned artichokes, roasted peppers, olive oils, olives, and specialty chiles such as chipotle, ancho, habanero, ghost, guajillo, jalapeño, reaper, scorpion, paprikas (all ASTA’s), smoked paprikas and more.


Rice based natural and organic flow agents, flavor carriers, and emulsifiers.

Robertet Groupe

Natural plant and herb Extracts and Extract blends. Used for flavor, color, and anti-oxidant. Clean label, Non-GMO, Kosher. Oil and water soluble.

R2H Flavor Technology

Complete line of natural condensed smoke products made from Hickory, Oak and/or Maple sawdust sourced from the Northwoods of Wisconsin; Specialty products including Mesquite wood smoke, Beech wood smoke, smoked maltodextrin, smoked cane sugar and smoked water. Need Grill/BBQ flavors? We have those too!


“The Amazing Plum” –  Fresh Plum Concentrate, Dried Plum Puree, Concentrate, Powder and Bits. Clean Label Moisture Retention and Accentuates Flavors in Proteins. Low Sugar Solutions for Rubs, Sauces, and Nutritional Bars. High in Antioxidants.

Supherb Farms

Fresh frozen, and freeze dried culinary herbs and specialty vegetables, herb pastes and purees.

Sweet Harvest Foods

Honey and molasses, liquid and powder; agave syrup.


Top Onion

Onion oil and onion concentrate.


Grower of Sun dried tomatoes and fruits. Offered in conventional, natural and organic forms.

Yamasa Corporation USA

Brewed soy sauces; liquid, powders, organic and clear; tamari sauce.